Get to know us

A modern higher education institution oriented towards young people and all who want to know and prosper. Resources of the University are dedicated to high-quality modern methods of transferring and acquiring knowledge. We offer undergraduate and graduate study programs in engineering and economics, for full-time and part-time students.

Orientation towards the future::

  • in addition to theoretical knowledge, we also transfer practical knowledge that will enable our future graduates to adapt to the job market and new jobs in a short period
  • application of teamwork in the educational process whereby students learn to work together and to solve tasks in a team, which is necessary since modern business is based on well-organized teamwork
  • work in small groups, which enables professors to better support the needs of individual students in education, as opposed to large educational systems and crowded classrooms
  • an integral part of the educational process is professional practice where our students practice in the best companies in the region and take part in lectures in first-rate laboratories in various partner institutes and faculties