Team for international cooperation and mobility

The main task of the Team for International Cooperation and Mobility is increasing the quality of studies through international cooperation and international mobility, linking higher education and participation in research and professional projects in order to increase economic growth.
Team for international co-operation and mobility of Istrian university of applied sciences consists of:


Viktor Vojnić
Erasmus coordiantor and team leader


Sanja Grbac Babić
ECTS coordinator



Andrea Škalec Božac
Team member




For any questions and additional information contact our international e-mail:
Međunarodna suradnja i mobilnost
IV, Istarsko veleučilište
Riva 6, 52100 PULA


Call for International Cooperation
Having in mind the importance of international cooperation, Istrian university of applied sciences is open to the development of new projects and partnerships that would contribute to achieving its high objective: to become the leader of the Polytechnic studies in Southeast Europe. There is a special place for the cooperation with organizations and institutions in order to participate in the programs and projects funded by the European Union.

In addition, the possible forms of cooperation include public-private projects and organizing student summer practices; activities in the field of education, such as e-learning, scientific research, publishing, organization of symposia, conferences, courses ...

This way, Istrian university of applied sciences invites all interested parties to cooperate.