Specialist Graduate Study: Creative Management in Processes

Are you creative and want to manage business processes?

The study of Creative Management in Processes empowers professionals ready to be proactive in responding to contemporary business challenges. The study is based on knowledge and skills in the fields of management, entrepreneurship, organization, and informatics.

Upon graduation, professional specialists in the field of Creative Management are capable of management at a high organizational level of business. Acquired skills from various fields enable the development of experts who will make a significant contribution to the success of companies in the domestic and foreign markets with their knowledge. Professional specialists in the field of Creative Management utilize acquired knowledge and skills to analyze, manage, optimize, and automate business processes.

Studying Creative Management in Processes is an ideal continuation of education for anyone who wants to develop the social skills and techniques necessary for contemporary executives.

Advantages of the study program:

  • individualized work in small groups enables students to easily acquire and apply knowledge through concrete examples from practice
  • the contemporary social study with a developed curriculum equips professionals to meet the needs of everyday business environment
  • the contemporary interdisciplinary knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course of the study are applicable at almost all managerial business levels

By applying creative methods and techniques to effectively manage processes, professional specialists in the field of Creative Management improve business results and create new values for themselves as individuals, as well as for employers and society.


Curriculum Outcomes

  • to critically evaluate the effects of implementing the generated ideas on business
  • to evaluate the key features of digital business
  • to apply scientific research methods and formulate the concept of the thesis
  • to analyze teamwork performance in accordance with team development characteristics
  • to critically evaluate the effects of project implementation
  • to evaluate opportunities for implementing marketing strategies under the given conditions
  • to identify and critically analyze the underlying assumptions of communication competence in the business environment
  • to optimize the business process using modern methods and tools
  • to evaluate the profitability of the business investment and the real time for the return on investment, and the implications for the business operator
  • to evaluate investment in human resources through the concept of creating new value
  • to critically evaluate the importance of implementing entrepreneurial strategies within the available resources
  • to evaluate the importance of accounting indicators in strategic planning
  • to assess the impact of corporate social responsibility to the economy and sustainable development
  • to analyze and compare the influence of certain characteristics of the culture of society on the functioning of contemporary management


Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Professional title: professional specialist in the field of creative management
Credits:  120 ECTS
Fields of education: management, ogranization, entrepreneurship


Course catalogue for the Specialist Graduate Study: "Creative Management in Processes "


Subject name ECTS

1st semester

Creative Management 8
Digital Business 8
Basics of methodology for scientific research 6
Finance Control 4
Elective Course 1 4

Elective courses

Business communication in English 1 4

2nd semester

Project Management 8
Marketing Management 8
Communication Skills 6
Product and service branding 4
Elective Course II 4

Elective courses

Computer skills 4
Business Information Systems 4


Subject name ECTS

3rd semester

Process management 8
Financial Management 8
Human Resource Management 6
Business communication in English 2 4
Elective Course III 4

Elective courses

Digital Marketing 4

4th semester

Entrepreneurship 6
Management Accounting 4
Corporate social responsibility 4
Intercultural aspects of management 4
Graduate thesis 12